Am I Insured For This?

You may already have paid for insurance to cover some or all of your legal expense. But your E&O carrier most likely does not tell you that after it has sold you a policy and started receiving your premiums. This no cost coverage unquestionably is factored into your premium by Underwriting. But use of this benefit most likely costs your E&O carrier. For that reason, lawyers hired by insurance companies are not encouraged to mention this coverage to their clients. This website will do that for you.

Most physicians reading this article are insured by MICA. It offers a no cost benefit known as “Medefense.” This policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London and is administered by NAS Insurance Services of Ventura, California. After taking basic information from you, MICA simply sends you a NAS application that you fill out and send to your chosen professional—civil lawyer, criminal lawyer or accountant. MICA is not further involved. You negotiate your hourly rate with your chosen professional to handle your Board, Peer Review, IRS or Medicare Fraud investigation. You will have a small deductible and copay. The current maximum reimbursement, less the deductible and copay, is $25,000. The vast majority of administrative law matters cost far less than that.

Other carriers writing in Arizona have some variant of the MICA coverage. Some hire “panel lawyers” (lawyers that charge very low insurance rates but do not have the specific experience you require) to handle the matter for you. Your options may be limited to paying out of pocket or making up the difference between the rates charged by panel lawyers and the real thing. Some carriers will allow you to pick qualified counsel and pay the hourly rate.

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