Why Not Be Your Own Lawyer?

Physicians are not trained to deal with legal issues. Lawyers seldom deal in “pink and blue,” often known to lawyers as “black and white.” Lawyers see shades of grey and often see arguments that do not occur to scientifically trained minds. Physicians have their hands full with the stresses of clinical practice, endless paperwork and the need to remain current with journals, both paper and online. When are they supposed to learn the law?

Often, they learn it the hard way. This method of learning is not just uncomfortable, it may end a career. For decades, my philosophy has been, “Education is the purest form of Risk Management.” To that end I have served as a Risk Management educator to the medical profession for decades. Since 1999 I have been on the Faculty of the University of Arizona College of Medicine. My current appointment is full Professor of Practice in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Phoenix Campus. I also teach at the Tucson campus.

All physicians must be prepared to deal their state licensing boards and all hospital based physicians must be prepared to respond to credentialing and peer review inquiries. I have extensive experience with Board and hospital investigations—including disciplinary actions and hearings for discipline that includes license revocation and revocation of hospital privileges. As a medical malpractice defense lawyer with 40 years of trial experience, I understand the clinical issues. I have worked with scores of health care providers with substance abuse, chemical dependency and emotional/psychological/behavioral problems. Rehabilitation is the goal and in most cases that goal can be achieved by one that understands the system. I understand the system and I am here to help you deal with these issues.

The Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) of 1986 provides important procedural guarantees for physicians undergoing hospital peer review. Knowledge of this statute and the regulatory environment in which hospitals must operate is crucial to physicians facing hospital investigations. A single entry in the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) can destroy a career. Physicians without an experienced attorney may not be able to identify the signs of an impending NPDB disaster.

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